The Class Teacher’s List Of Attendance Concerns

The absences that contribute most to poor attendance are those regular patterns of one day absence that are rarely picked up until they are well established and difficult to change. The ASP System tracks these with the weekly list of attendance concerns (example shown inside back of register). A very quick and easy form that highlights any pattern of absence as it begins to occur making it much easier to prevent it developing. No one can slip through the net...

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School Prospectus

New this year is a service for Schools and Colleges within the M25 area to have their school prospectus designed and printed by designers with many years experience in this kind of work...

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Achievement Stickers

Achievement stickers come in 4 varieties, Well Done, Good Effort, Excellent Work and Top Marks. A set of 4, 20mm diameter stickers in bright colours with a smiley face design. 1,000 stickers, 250 of each per set. Reward for student's work and effort and to help encourage them to improve. Suitable for all subjects.

£12.00 per set