Over the last seventeen years the ASP register has proved, through its continual use by schools across the country, that it is a major improvement on the traditional paper register. Yet we still find many schools using registers that haven’t changed for half a century. The ASP register forms the basis of the simplest and, arguably, the most effective way of controlling and improving attendance. It has clear advantages over ordinary registers and even surpasses the endless statistics of expensive electronic systems. The user-friendly, low-tech approach of this class register ensures it is easily understood and equally easy to use which makes it popular with class teachers while the cost – including admin, time and training – is very small.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Highly cost effective over more expensive electronic registers
  • Clear simple layout thus making it easier to manage
  • Optional heavy duty plastic cover, includes stationery pockets and two pen holders
  • Affordable accessories to manage multiple registers and improve pupil attendance
  • 45 placement register that covers two weeks attendance per page spread

The ASP System uses a register because it is integral to the class teacher’s sense of ownership and responsibility and is universally preferred by users. As you can see the ASP register is a big improvement over other class registers in that it is much clearer and easier to use. This is because it has been designed and regularly updated in consultation with schools and education welfare services in many LEAs.

The ASP Register is bigger than others, which creates more space for legibility but also promotes its status. There is an optional heavy duty plastic cover/folder available to protect the register, enhance its appearance and allows the registers to be stored upright like books rather than on top of one another. They are then easier to select and to check that all class registers are returned to the school office in line with health and safety regulations. The plastic cover includes pockets for notes and loops for the red and black pens that always get mislaid.